Lêmure was first introduced to Capoeira in 2010 while attending college in Rochester, NY, under Instrutor Espião. In addition to being drawn in by the effortlessness and beautification of the movements, Lêmure was inspired by the community aspect of Capoeira that brings people from all backgrounds together.
After graduating college, he returned to his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. Not wanting to end his training, Lêmure continued to travel back between Rochester, Ithaca, and NYC for classes with Instrutores Espião, Carcaju, and Mestre Ombrinho.
Because of his dedication and passion for the art form, Lêmure was given permission to create and lead the Cincinnati chapter of CAQ. In addition to further growing Capoeira in Cincinnati, Lêmure has traveled to support Capoeira groups across the Midwest.



The founder and head instructor of Capoeira Angola Quintal is Mestre Ombrinho (Master Michael Goldstein). With over 34 years practicing Capoeira and over 26 years experience teaching, he is the first North American Capoeira Master. The mission of his work and organization is, through Capoeira classes and performances, to inspire achievement, leadership, and community. He is renown for making Capoeira accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Today he leads an international movement towards creating a Mindful Capoeira practice. Ombrinho is a disciple of Grand Master Norival Moreira de Oliveira, Mestre Nô, of Bahia, Brazil. Mestre Nô, known as the Master of Masters, has been practicing and teaching for over 60 years. Ombrinho received his master’s diploma in 1996, under the authority of Grand Master Nô.



Norival Moreira de Oliveira (born June 22, 1945), also known as Mestre Nô is a Grand Master of Capoeira Angola. Norival began playing in the Mestre's rodas and in 1965 he started teaching in his own academy.

Mestre Nô founded Capoeira Academies Retintos, Orixás da Bahia, and Capoeira Angola Palmares. He has taught to thousands of Capoeristas. He is founder, president, and grand master of Associação Brasileira Cultural de Capoeira Palmares (ABCCP) an organization dedicated to teaching, promoting and maintaining the traditions of Capoeira Angola. He served as the president of A.B.C.A. (Associação Brasileira de Capoeira Angola), the most respected association created by the eldest masters to maintain and preserve Capoeira Angola. Mestre Nô is known throughout the world to be the "Mestre dos Mestres", the "master of masters", for having graduated over 75 students to the level of Master, which is unique for any teacher to accomplish in their lifetime.

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